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"Vẻ đẹp của loài người tính nhân đạo."

Translation:The beauty of the human race is the humanity.

July 30, 2016



what is this supposed to mean? humanity as in kindness?


Again, the English translation is not really correct. "The humanity" is not used in English


... not regularly, I agree, but we could say something like: "The humanity of the peasants left them vulnerable to the ruling tyrants", and we would prefer not to omit the "the" in this case.


There is no preferring to ít. "The humanity of the peasants" is a specifically dessignated case and requires "the." This sentence refers to "humanity" in general and the definite article is unidiomatic and semantically wrong. It is a question of English grammar.


Im sure some of you commentators must live under rocks. Personally i dispute that The humanity is indicitive necessarily of good qualities but it is usually so. It's a very loaded phrase. The humanity down there in the worlds cesspit includes all the nightmares we are capable of.


Yeah, but then you wouldn't associate that "cesspool" with 'beauty' as per above, now would you? These comments were made in the context of discussing the meaning of the sentence above.


Change it to "the beauty of the human race is its humanity". At least that is a correct sentence, even if the truth of it is contestable.

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