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  5. "אתה עדיין אוכל את זה?"

"אתה עדיין אוכל את זה?"

Translation:Are you still eating this?

July 30, 2016



You know it expired before you were born, right?


oh silly, twinkies do not expire. it is known


atah adain okhel et zeh


Please make this translation default to "Are you still eating this?"


That's what I got, you need to report things if there is a problem


Yes. Yes I am. Don't touch my cake.


Are you still eating it? Would also work? (the difference being their translation implies they're asking if it's a food the questioner knew you used to eat and is asking if that's still the case VS my question asks if you are currently still in the process of eating something. (I.e. you started eating that burger an hour ago... are you still eating it?)


The Hebrew sentence has both these meanings.


A very important phrase!


Would "?עדיין אתה אוכל את זה" also be correct?


I think you can put the עֲדַ֫יִן as a sentence adverb in front. But you have to stress it, if you do not want to say עֲדַ֫יִן אַתָּה Is it still you (and not another person), who is eating this?


I went with "do you still eat that" and was marked right.

Very different meaning.

Is it just context to distinguish?


Yes, that’s what Yarden said above, but his answer to TeribleT is difficult to understand because I think that Duolingo changed its translation.

TeribleT asked if “Are you still eating it?” would also work, and since the Duolingo sentence now is “Are you still eating this”, which is almost identical, I think that the original Duolingo translation was “Do you still eat this?”

So it’s my guess that Yarden’s answer means: Ata adain okhel et ze?” means both “Do you still eat this?” and “Are you still eating this?” in Hebrew and context determines the meaning.

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