"I like painting train stations, not markets."

Translation:Pályaudvarokat szeretek festeni, nem piacokat.

July 31, 2016

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The word order in this language is completely unclear to me, or Duolingo accepts answers inconsistently. Is "Szeretek festeni pályaudvarokat, nem piacokat" incorrect? Is it like German that the infinitive verb has to be at the end of the clause?


I'm on the same wavelength as yu90wyhw with this one. My answer, "Én szeretek festeni pályáudvarokat, nem piacokat." follows the word order of the English example, but again and frustratingly I got it wrong again!!! I seem to be more often wrong than right. How do you decide which word order to write?


I'm not 100% sure, but since you are contrasting train stations and markets, the train stations should be the focus of the first part, so it goes before the verb.


Thank you Jim Leonard0 for your considered input and guidance. It seems I am repeatedly putting "the cart before the horse", but I do hold on to the hope of conquering this challenging language yet.

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