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  5. "Вісімдесят, дев'яносто, сто"

"Вісімдесят, дев'яносто, сто"

Translation:Eighty, ninety, one hundred

July 31, 2016



What does 'девяносто' means? A 10 until 100?


But we do not say "hundred" in English without a qualifying it with a number, it is grammatically incorrect.


Again problems in this module with recognization of speaking phrases


Regardless of what i say, i always get the first number correct and the next two wrong. Even when i said "go to hell" lol


Got credit, but it was exactly the same as the answer wanted...


Shoot... i put in "hundred" and it killed me...


The only problem I have with Ukrainian is the terrible quality that most of the sound bites have been recorded. The speaker sounds that they are about one hundred yards away in an empty concrete bunker while the recording level is set at the lowest possible setting. I've been struggling with this for a while, but the problem seems to be getting worse, the further I go. By the time I get to the end, will I be needing to use telepathic powers to hear the sentences, or will there be subtitles provided?

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