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Tinycards - Hebrew Slang Deck!

Hey again everybody,

Having finished making a Tinycards deck for all three Hebrew Present skills, I thought I'd try making another deck I'd been wanting - Hebrew slang! So here's a new set that'll help you speak like an Israeli... :)

Title and link:

Hebrew Slang https://tinycards.duolingo.com/decks/362de7b8-1a7f-497d-9574-d8f5c5251e24

Enjoy! Also - I know that I likely didn't get this perfectly right; I did my best to harvest this information online. So please, if you see any errors or disagree with anything, just let me know! Thanks.

July 31, 2016



Nice work! כל הכבוד!

You could add "come on" as a translation for יאללה. And נפל לי האסימון is like "the penny dropped", but "it finally hit me" is good too.

One correction: אלף אחוז with khet not he.


Thanks! Means a lot coming from one of the contributors. ;)

Also, I added your corrections/suggestions for אלף אחוז and יאללה. Thanks for the help!

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