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"A desk bin"

Translation:Une poubelle de bureau

February 1, 2013



Speakers of American English might not recognize "bin" as it's meant here. That's a very British usage. We say "trash can" or "waste basket" for poubelle and use bin to mean "container" much more generically.


Poubelle mandated the purchase of garbage cans for waste collection (in paris, while he was mayor), at the time it caused a stir, and people sarcastically referred to "giving something to mssr. Poubelle" or "feeding mssr. Poubelle." The name stuck. It's kind of like renard in that it "isn't Latin". Other romance languages generally have something involving a b. Basura in Spanish, I can't recall the Italian right now.


That is really interesting. Feeding M Poubelle. Love it. Thanks for sharing that. :)


why isn't it "du bureau"?


This form is called "complément de nom", formed with noun + de + noun - no article.

It is very common: un vin de table, une batterie de cuisine, un verre de lampe, une table de chevet....


That's so cool! Is that like the English 'noun phrase' - a group of words working together as a noun? That helps so much. Thank you, SS. :)


de + la = de la (fem.) de + le/la (if the next word has a vowel) = de l'---- de + le = du (masc.) de +les = des (plur.)

hope this helps. Also, same thing with...

à + la = à la à + le/la (if the next word has a vowel) = à l'---- à + le = au à + les = aux

Actually this is the exact reason my french class sucks. I never learn any new words; just new grammar.


I've never heard of it being called a "desck bin" before. A "bin", or a "waste paper bin", or a "waste paper basket", maybe an "office bin".


what about 'un bac'


"une poubelle" is very specific to identify a container for waste. The word comes from the inventor, Mr. Poubelle. Alternatively, you can say "une corbeille à papier".


Does "une corbeille à papier" have the same meaning as "une poubelle de bureau"?


"bin" is British English not American... confusing!


Only if you're American.


how could it be "a desk bin"? I have never ever heard it in my entire life??? Is it that important to be a bin in an office or what? It sounds so weird to me though...

[deactivated user]

    Brian Johnson : thank you, I was trying to guess where the word poubelle came from, I thought pou was from the French word pu, as in it stinks, so let's make the city belle by putting it in the right place...if you all want a good laugh Google how Singapore has garbage trucks circulating EVERY TEN MINUTES for household bag pick-up...now that is way too clean...

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