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"Are you down in the basement?"

Translation:Lent vagytok a pincében?

July 31, 2016



pince isn't basement, it's cellar. Basement is alagsor. Is this mistake going to keep reappearing throughout the entire thing?


I didn't know the difference (and I'm a native English speaker!) but this may be of interest to others: http://theydiffer.com/difference-between-cellar-and-basement/


I'm afraid so. One more thing to keep reporting.
But it could be argued, I think, that the line between "basement" and "pince" is somewhat blurred, perhaps incorrectly.


One would never store wine in the 'basement...' Does it actually do any good to report things?


Absolutely. I have reported tons of things and seen a significant improvement already. But those people do have lives, too.

Oh, and I will start digging a cellar tomorrow. :)


Why isn't "vagy" accepted?


My example didn't have "vagytok" as an option to fill in the blanks. I am not sure how to "pass" this level without it, lol.


Word order for me is always a trouble. Why can't one say: vagy lent a pincében?


Would "vagy lent a pincében" be wrong? Why? Is it because of the singular? Is there a specific place in the sentence for "lent"?


Since we are talking about the place, I would put at least one of the place-marking parts in front of the verb.

Lent vagy/vagytok a pincében?

Lent a pincében vagy/vagytok?

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