"She was not only a Prime Minister, but also a great leader."

Translation:היא לא רק הייתה ראש ממשלה, אלא גם מנהיגה גדולה.

July 31, 2016

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I think there is a wrong use of the word but in here. It should be by my opinion היא לא הייתה רק ראש ממשלה גדולה אלא גם מנהיגה Or היא לא רק הייתה ראש ממשלה גדולה אלא גם מנהיגה


Not sure I understand you. It's "great leader" not "great Prime Minister".


The focus is on the translation of but also. in my answer i used the word אלא and it was marked as wrong and got the translation היא לא הייתה רק ראש ממשלה, אבל גם מנהיגה. i think that the word אבל is not the right way to say this sentence in Hebrew.


Still don't understand, because if you look at the "best answer" above it says אלא not אבל.


Well i think what i'm trying to say here is that when I've got the "Correct solution" from Duo it says that i should use the word אבל not in the proper way for my opinion.


גולדה מאיר?


What about הייתה רק ?


It is more correct to say "ראשת הממשלה" instead of "ראש הממשלה" in this case


In another thread someone wrote that ראשת הממשתה or ראשת העיר were made up words, to appease some people, but grammatically they are totally wrong, because ראש is head, so how can you make head into feminine? You can't.

My point is - yes, people use it. Is it more correct? No! It's not correct at all.


That's from 2012: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.haaretz.co.il/amp/news/education/1.1872543 https://news.walla.co.il/item/2589842 You can say both "היא ראשת העיר" and "היא ראש העיר" And same for "היא ראשת הממשלה" and "היא ראש הממשלה" All of those are officially correct, but just as you would say "היא נשיאת בית המשפט" and not "היא נשיא בית המשפט" you should use "ראשת"


What is the pronunciation of "ראשת," my gever?


Can be used היא הייתה לא אק ראש ממשלה...?


Yes.. Golda Meir was fantastic!


How do you know when to use אלא and when אבל for"but"?


How do you know when to use either אלא or אבל?


אלא means "but rather". If you can add "rather" after "but", use אלא. Otherwise use אבל.

A typical use of אלא would be "not A but (rather) B" = "לא א' אלא ב'".

A typical use of אבל would be "A but not B" = "א' אבל לא ב'".

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