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  5. "Jeg vil huske hva du sier."

"Jeg vil huske hva du sier."

Translation:I want to remember what you say.

July 31, 2016



Does not 'vil' indicate future? Here it seems to be a modal verb indicating desire.


It's ambiguous in this context. It could mean either "will" or "want/wants to".


Thank you, Luke_5.1991! Are you then perhaps able to manipulate the system so as to make it accept "I will remember what you say", as well? What I did learn by this though - a little bit at least - is that the use of "vil" as a future mark seems to differ between Danish and Norwegian. In Danish, it seems to be as consistent as in English. At least, that is my impression from the Duolingo exercises. Perhaps I'm wrong. Auxiliary verbs are awfully difficult in most languages.


That answer has been accepted for at least a year. Perhaps something else was up? Next time, take a screenshot to help us figure it out for sure.


Any hints on selecting when to use hva vs when to use det for what?


Er det feil å si "jeg vil huske det du sier"? Takk

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