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Correction of Mistakes or Oversights in the Course Materials

Not to be a jerk, but is anyone curating this course? I just keep noticing an enormous number of sentences at all levels where there are variants missing or really bizarre acceptable answers. I try to send corrections whenever I find one to help, but I've never received a single email stating that someone has gone over it and fixed it in the system (and I'm pretty sure that the overwhelming majority of what I've drawn attention to are legitimate errors, not me just wanting to be right; I've studied Russian for the better part of a decade and I taught English for two years, so I think I've got a pretty decent handle on the differences between English and East Slavic languages). I realize it's probably a pain to go through all those notices from users, but I just think that the course could be so much better than it is at the moment if these small oversights were processed.

July 31, 2016



I just got back to the Incubator this week and the reports are being processed again. All beta issues in the course are on the to-do list and that's a lot of work. I'm currently the only one active here, other team members are contacted and by the end of this week I expect to see who is available. I will also look into the applications and probably new people will be added to the team.

Sorry about the slow beta work and thank you for your feedback. I am sure the course will get better with the help of all beta testers. Дякую за допомогу!


Thank you so much! I can't wait for Ukrainian to get out of beta. Дякую, дякую!


Welcome back Sergio! I'm quite excited for some course updates, good luck!


I've used the "my answer should be correct" submission plenty of times in Ukrainian, and I've received emails back saying they've added this or that. It's been a while - I finished the course a while ago - so perhaps they're less active than before? As I recall, the Ukrainian course was one developed in conjunction with Peace Corps Ukraine, and it could be that specific people involved have completed service and aren't as involved as they used to be.

Слава Український!


The "my answer should be correct" report does not really help. I see several suggestions and among them always the ones that are obviously wrong, and then the free write report says "I am right" and it's not clear which suggestion it refers to...

It is better to give a clear explanation or a link to the rule.


They did add at least one or two new people at one point, but it's been a while since I've had any feedback emails. It's possible they're still working on the backlog, because the original contributors seemed to be pretty inactive for quite some time.

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