"Elnézést, hol találok itt egy jó szállodát?"

Translation:Excuse me, where can I find a good hotel here?

July 31, 2016

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This sentence should be accepted "Sorry, where can i find a good hotel here?"...shouldn't be?


Since we haven't learned the verb "can" yet, shouldn't it be "Where do I find a good hotel?"


Yes, "Where do I find a good hotel?" should be accepted.

But it is good to realize that talál all by itself is used to convey the meaning of "can find." An extra verb for "can" is not needed, and usually not correct. The negative form, especially, is often best translated to "can't find" in English.

Nem találok gyümölcsöt. I can't find (any) fruit!

Hol van Éva? Nem találom! Where's Eva? I can't find her!

The verbs hall (hear) and lát (see) behave the same way. They can sometimes be translated as "can hear" and "can see", and their negative forms frequently translate as "can't hear" and "can't see."


That was very thorough. Thank you.

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"Here" seems kind of redundant in English. Is it necessary in Hungarian?


either that, or we'd say, "around here".

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