"Dw i eisiau mynd i Efrog Newydd."

Translation:I want to go to New York.

July 31, 2016



it is not sinking in, can someone please explain when I use "dw i" as opposed to "dw i'n"

September 28, 2018


'n/yn is needed to make the link between dw i, rwyt ti, etc and a verb-noun such as mynd, dod, gweld, etc:

  • Dw i'n gweld y ci. - I see the dog.
  • Rwyt ti'n mynd i Aber - You are going to Aber.

eisiau is not a verb-noun, and the pattern dw i eisiau, etc is an exceptional one in Welsh - the 'n/yn is not used. This is explained in the course notes.

[The reason for this is that there is a more formal form that is occasionally used where there is another word between dw i and eisiau, but that word has been dropped in colloquial use.]

September 28, 2018
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