"A te kiflid nagy, az én kiflim meg kicsi."

Translation:Your kifli is big, and my kifli is small.

July 31, 2016

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For what it's worth, leaving kifli untranslated is probably the best option, but if you're going to translate it into English, "croissant" is a better choice (it would be understood that it could be something sweet or savory), and "crescent roll" would be at least a little better than just plain "crescent" (although it would tend to exclude the sweet dessert pastry meaning).


I agree; the other sentence that talked about a "fresh crescent" sounds extremely weird, as "crescent" alone basically only refers to the shape itself and requires an additional word, such as "roll" or "moon" to further qualify it. As an active, 5-year French learner, however, I recommend "crescent roll" instead of "croissant", something I believe belongs wholely to the French - not to mention that it's essentially translating HU-FR within a HU-EN course. And maybe kiflik are more like doughy Pillsbury crescent rolls than falky croissants anyway. :P

But, like langos, leaving it kifli is probably most accurate and easiest.


-------- my wife makes kossuth kifli . they're curved but much more like cake than croissant . . .

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Yes, keeping kifli and propers nouns as well. Lánchíd & Margit-Sziget shouldn't be translated either as for me...


So I did a google image search for "kifli" and.... is this sentence supposed to be innuendo?


------- not supposed to be, no, but . . .


sometimes a kifli is just a kifli


A "crescent" is an adaptable spanner used to tighten nuts. You do NOT eat a crescent. Leave it as kifli!


Crescent is a shape (as in crescent moon). Croissant is the French for crescent.


my family made kifli all the time! They would use a small square of dough and would usually put jams, nuts, or poppyseed in the middle of the square, then fold the sides over to make something similar to a crescent roll! Then they would usually put some sweet glaze on top, delicious


------- what function does the "meg " serve ? i think it's "really " as in really small . . .

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No. "meg" means "and" - it goes after the thing it is adding "az én kiflim" (my kifli)


Shouldn't "but" be an acceptable translation as well? I understand meg and pedig to both be somewhere in between "and" and "but" in meaning, contrasting two things.


...A te kiflid nagy, az én kiflim meg kicsi."..

----- your kifli is big, and my kifli is small . is that how it should be ? . . .

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Are there occasions when you should use "xyz meg" rather than "és xyz" or are they freely interchangeable? I understand the you use "pedig" when there is some contrasting feature, though not necessarily sufficiently contrasting to require "however" or "while" in English.


it doesn't even accept 'little' for kicsi - come on!


------- i hope you reported that your version should be accepted ? . . .

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I agree that leaving it as "kifli" is best although "crescent roll" is acceptable. I would also accept "croissant" because that is what my wife and I call them from time to time. We lived for several years in the french part of Switzerland where we got the real thing produced by a French baker using Swiss ingredients. We do not get the Hungarian version confused with the French (or Suisse). Mostly we refer to them as kifli.

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