"John is a rich and important man."

Translation:János egy gazdag és fontos ember.

July 31, 2016

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Why is férfi the wrong word here?


It would be fine to use férfi in this sentence. You can report it if it comes up again.

Férfi is specifically a man. Ember is just a person. So, férfi is really a better match for the English anyway.


I am hungarian, and i think férfi is not the best choice here. It is unnatural. We usually use "ember" for men. E.G. If you hear this: "Ő egy befolyásos ember." (He/She is a well-connected person), we always mean that: He is a well-connected man.


Okay.. maybe not always but almost always....


Then how would you say this sentence for a woman then? Is ember really generally referring to a man, so if you want to specify, you need to use "nő"?


Is it normal that it's wrong translation if I write John instead of Janos? I mean do Hungarians really call Johns Janos?


No, they don't. It was a really dubious choice for the course to "translate" proper names. If you get one of these, whether it's Hungarian→English or English→Hungarian, please report it.


Okay, I think I reported it. Thanks


I disagree. While I haven't been to Hungary a lot yet, I have never once heard "John" used there. Anyone with an English name of John gets called János. I get called "Istvan", etc. My Hungarian teacher refers to her husband (An American named John) as János.

I think it is entirely appropriate to acclimate English speakers with the Hungarian versions of proper names.


It is a bit confusing since other duolingo courses accept both, but it is true, we do not use foreign versions of names that have an appropriate equivalent.


In some cases, these lesson actually will allow both Hungarian and non-hungarian names. I've used both János and John variably, but with inconsistent success, for example.

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