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  5. "Én riportert várok kint."

"Én riportert várok kint."

Translation:I am waiting for a reporter outside.

July 31, 2016



Why is the correct answer "a reporter" instead of "the reporter".......I know there must be a reason hidden somewhere in the sentence, but i am not sure why....Thanks!


Well, "the" is the definite article. You can't see it in the Hungarian sentence. Since its very nature is to be definite, you can't just omit it, right? Usually. The same is true for Hungarian.
So, the sentence must be indefinite. Which is "a reporter" in English, and "egy riporter" in Hungarian. But that "egy" can be omitted. In fact, it is omitted quite frequenty. As in this sentence.
So that's why.
These two are very much the same:

  • Én riportert várok kint.
  • Én egy riportert várok kint.

The "the" version would be this:

  • Én a riportert várom kint.

See, even the conjugation of the verb is different in this case.


Thank you for the detailed explanation!


Does this sentence mean, that I am standing outside and waiting for a reporter, or rather that I am somewhere inside and I am waiting for a reporter to appear outside? Or si both possible?

(I hope my question makes sense, it is not easy to explain...)

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