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  5. "I went to a bank yesterday."

"I went to a bank yesterday."

Translation:Я ходив у банк вчора.

July 31, 2016



Is "Я ходила у банк учора" a possibility?


"Я ходила в банк учора" is correct too.


then why do they mark it incorrect?


я пішов у банк вчора? why is this wrong?


Why " Я пішов вчора у банк" is not correct?


Will you explain please when ходити is to be used. I thought it was for a trip in two directions on foot and done repeatedly.


Same doubt, i thought that ,ходити was for regular activities, but he is just mention a particular day.


It can be used for activities that repeat, but in its multidirectional/round-trip sense, it can be used for a one-time event when the emphasis is on the fact that you went there and returned to your departure point.


Дякую мій друг


I thought as a female ходила is the correct way for me to say this and ходив would be how a male would say it. Is that correct ? Anyway I will report this and see what happens.

[deactivated user]

    "Я вчора ходив у банк", "я ходив вчора у банк" - абсолютно коректні відповіді, і з огляду української мови звучать мелодійніше, а ніж " Я ходив у банк вчора" - в цьому випадку - "Я ходив у банк. Вчора".


    I thought this ending was used by males ? I am a female student so I'm selecting the female ending and getting it marked wrong. Have I not understood or should the question be right with either option ?


    Pls check your mistakes first

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