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  5. "I don't have a black cat."

"I don't have a black cat."

Translation:Does dim cath ddu gen i.

July 31, 2016



I typed "Does gen i ddim cath ddu" and it said I should have spelled it "does gen i ddim gath ddu." What is the reason for the mutation cath>gath here? Also, the suggested translation, "Does dim cath ddu gen i", does not mutate cath, but based on the correction to my sentence, I would have expected a mutation then. I am very confused.

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Apologies, your answer is correct. That's been altered now.

The rule here that whatever word comes after 'gen i' is mutated.

In Does gen i ddim cath ddu the word ddim has been mutated from dim and therefore there is no need to mutate cath which was your correct answer.

In Does dim cath ddu gen i there is no word after gen i to mutate.


Diolch! I'm relieved that I wasn't quite as confused about the grammar rule as I'd thought! Your explanation is very clear and helpful. :)

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