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"אני אוהב סוסים ואני גם אוהב חתולים."

Translation:I love horses and I also love cats.

July 31, 2016



ani ohev susim v-ani gam ohev khatulim


"like" should be accepted, too


I mixed like and love in the same sentence. As they are synonyms shouldn't ik be ok to do that, without loosing correctness? "I like horses and I also love cats."


Just from an English perspective, I wouldn't mix them when you're translating from a language that has only one word for both English meanings. In English love is considerably stronger than like. If I read your sentence without the Hebrew context I would think you meant to say "I like horses (they're okay), but I really love cats."


I don't understand why אני אוהב סוסים וגם אני אוהב חטולים is wrong.


because גם must stand just before the word to which it refers. phrase וגם אני אוהב חטולים can be part of הוא אוהב חתולים וגם אני אוהב חתולים


I love horses, and also I love cats, it should count as correct, because it is correct.


This sentence probably doesn't refer to Cats (2019), because nobody liked that


would this also be a correct translation: "I like both horses and cats" ?


I'm learning Hebrew but there's a word for "both" and it's not in the sentence to be translated. (The word is in the course however). שניהם = both of them/ one version of it.

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