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  5. "לאן הגבר שוחֶה?"

"לאן הגבר שוחֶה?"

Translation:Where is the man swimming to?

July 31, 2016



Whither swimmeth the man?


Great translation, totally should be accepted!


"Whither is the man swimming?" should count as correct, since "whither" means "to where."


but no one uses "whither" - so in that sense it would be wrong - it's not a usable word anymore. but I understand what you are saying :)


Such as, "the man swims from france to england"? That is the only way this sentence would be understood in English. The man is going to swim from one location to another. Is this what the question is asking? As in a triathalon where a man/woman swims from one location to another. If the question in Hebrew is actually suggesting something else will you tell me what it is?


is there any difference between איפה היכן and אן? I assume that אן can be a separate pronoun without the preposition too.


No it can't, אן isn't a word.

Where - איפה

Where (very formal) - היכן

From where - מאיפה

From where (formal) - מהיכן/מאין

To where - לאיפה

To where (slightly formal) - לאן


Please could you include the above and write a clear explanation of when you should use the different forms of what/which and why when you answer someones question you answer 'to...' and put it in the tips and notes. I have found lots of really helpful information in the discussions but it would be so much easier if it was all in one place and clearly presented. Thank you.


Can this mean "Where does the man swim"? Or do you need the preposition?


Your translation is semantically different - it means "in what location is the man swimming?" That would be איפה/היכן הגבר/האיש שוחה?


Is there a difference between ליפה and לאן in this context?


I see that the Gulf of Eilat/Aqaba is only about 5.5km at its narrowest, at Israel's south coast. Perhaps he swims to Jordan. Are there regular swimming events crossing the gulf, I wonder?

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