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  5. "I don't like Monday."

"I don't like Monday."

Translation:Dw i ddim yn hoffi dydd Llun.

July 31, 2016



I can't figure out when you use dw i'n and when you use yn instead. What am I missing?

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In this example 'Yn' is being used to connect the 'Do' part of the sentence to the verb (to like)

Apart from 'eisiau' which you've met already (and a few others), all verbs are connected by yn.

So the positive sentence can be written as Dw i yn hoffi dydd Llun (lit:-I am liking Monday = I like Monday)

The negative sentence as above is Dw i ddim yn hoffi dydd Llun (lit:- I am not liking Monday = I do not like Monday)

In the positive sentence we have two vowels next to each other -i + yn, which sounds like eee + un (using English pronunciation), it is simply a lot easier when speaking to run the vowels together i'n which sounds like eeen.


'n is an abbreviation of yn used after vowels. However, yn has several uses, and it is not abbreviated like that if it being used as a preposition meaning 'in'.

More info here


Hello, can any one help me get further on the little circles of learning? I can click on greeting's 1 and 2 also day's, but can't seem to go further with learning, can't click on wanting or the other's...must be doing something wrong but I'm not sure what! If someone can help I'd really appreciate it, diolch!!


You need to complete Greetings2 and Days before you can move on to Wanting1


It's so obvious...but I didn't know! Thank's JonBaggins.


Thank you for your help :)

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