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"Tio estas matematika problemo."

Translation:That is a mathematical problem.

July 31, 2016



Tio and not Tiu because a math problem is an abstract object?


No, because you are not pointing to one particular problem out of a set of problems.

If you had six problems, and one of them is a maths problem while the others are chemistry problems, history problems, etc., you might say "That one is a mathematical problem." The use of "that one" (tiu) indicates that you are picking it out of a set of similar things, and that you know some of its characteristics (for example, that it's a problem). You could consider "that one" as short for "that problem".

"That" (tio), without "one", doesn't pick something out of a set, but just introduces an entirely new object to a conversation -- and then talks about it, for example, by saying that it is a maths problem.


Right -- if it could be reworded as "that problem is a mathematical one" without changing the meaning - then it's probably "tiu" -- otherwise, say if you're talking about something which you want to describe as a mathematical problem, then it would tio.


Ne, tio estas lingva problemo:)


The tio demonstrative sounds rather like tiu. Esperanto o as far as I knoŭ from the course and from other speakers should be quite open.

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