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Hebrew mobile: Todah!

I opened the Duolingo app to practice my fallback language choice....and I found myself in the Hebrew Duolingo page!!! What a surprise. Yeeeeeee-haaaaaa! Todah rabah lachem xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx!

July 31, 2016



No Hebrew mobile for me yet.


I read somewhere earlier that Hungarian is out on Android, so the update must be on Android, since I can't see Vietnamese, Hungarian or Hebrew on my IOS device.


Sadly, on Kindle Fire, I don't even yet have Russian or Polish! That app is way behind.

I don't have any updates on iOS, either. I think some people must have a lucky bug!


Nor Welsh:( It is such a shame they neglect the kindle app. I find it complements the web version really well. I don't own a mobile or a computer, the kindle is all I use. I'd really like to see Tinycards on it too.


I have noticed apps are frequently slower to update on Kindle Fire - not just Duolingo - but it's getting a little absurd at this point how far behind the Kindle version is. I deleted and reinstalled just in case, because sometimes the apps seem slow to notice an update, but nothing doing. It is a shame, I agree. I don't know where the fault lies, whether it's in Duolingo providing the update (because shouldn't it be the same as regular Android?) or Amazon being slow implementing it.


I have welsh on my phone. It's the latest update I have.


I have an Android phone and I have neither Hungarian nor Hebrew on mobile yet. I hope my phone is not too old for getting the update!


Check it, check it. I have android too. It is there.


For me unfortunately it is not. The app is up to date and there is no Hebrew. I even unistalled and reinstalled it.


Yes, android (Samsung 5)


Of course, it must be, it is on mine!!!! Check well, update....


It's on my ipad! I couldn't even believe it. :D I'll try to share a screenshot.



Is there a way to have my phone (android) automatically switch the keyboard to Hebrew when the mobile lesson requires it. I got to the second part of the lesson and then it stopped me because I don't have a Hebrew keyboard. I thought someone mentioned an app for duolingo that switches the input language for you, but I don't remember where I saw it.

I don't want to switch my input method every time it changes on me.


Just in case someone has the same question as me, I sorta solved it.

I changed my language and keyboard settings to make my keyboard bilingual. Then whenever I need to change language, I hold down the Swype logo on my keyboard (I use the Swype keyboard) and from there I am able to go to "languages" and select the other language. I did have to download Hebrew at the beginning.

It's a little annoying, but less annoying than changing the language on your phone, which doesn't even change the keyboard.

Hope it helps someone!


if you are using Swype for typing, you can just swipe the space bar and it will change languages.


Huh, that doesn't work for me, but holding spacebar does. Thanks!


Now i have Hebrew in my phone after updates!


I don't find the language Hebrew on my iOS


My android app finally updated today and I have Hebrew and Hungarian! I love it!


Yay! since duolingo has no coffee, let's have a lingot together. Here is mine, with frothed milk and no sugar. Any special wish?

P.S. Do you know that in Israel when you order a coffee they ask you: Nescafe or filter? If you say Nescafe they make and sell powder coffee to you!


Yay! Lingot party!

Awesome, I did not know that. Thanks for the warning about the nescafe!


Not a warning, just a curiosity...Powder coffee is just dead coffee brought back to life. You almost cannot distinguish it from normal coffee. And with that very charming name it makes you feel as if George Clooney flew in to drink it with you :-) No joke, and hey, the company there is always GREAT. You'll be very likely to be invited by random people for sharing a coffee and they will tell you many anecdotes and stories, and will philosophy with you about the purpose of life. My powder coffee in Jerusalem was the best coffee I ever drank!


Why am I not seeing Hebrew on my iOS app? Have the latest update and everything. Deleted the app from my android phone last week to clear up space so guess I can try that again but I've got nothing on iPad. :(


Hebrew mobile is running on (at least) my iPhone on August 12th, 2016. I did not have to download or update the app! Thanks to everyone! Todah rabah! It's great!


Indeed. In my Galaxy S7, Hebrew is there. I find Hebrew to be easier to study on my smartphone; the keyboard is easier to switch to Hebrew.


Still waiting (hoping?) for Hebrew to show up on the Kindle version. :(


I emailed Duolingo. Apparently it's not going to happen - they said as of right now, they have no plans to update their Kindle app. I switched to Memrise; you might want to check it out.

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