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"La semaine dernière je voyais la tante de mon mari."

Translation:Last week I saw my husband's aunt.

February 2, 2013



this appears to have happened at a specific time and should be in the passe compose


You are right, the use of the imparfait is not suitable.


The first time through I was marked incorrect. I translated this as "last week, I was seeing my husband's aunt" I don't think it is awkward at all, as annakrahn wrote. It implies something that happened over the course of time, but completely in the past, and is done now (now being the present). If we were to make up our own context, it might make better sense. "My husband's aunt wanted to throw a surprise party for her children and asked for my help. Last week I was seeing her every day so we could work on it together." Sitesurf, please respond. Should I contact DL to let them know their translation is incorrect and that "was seeing" is better?


You felt (and legitimately) the need to wrap a little story around these sentences to make them look and sound correct. Fine with me. If you contact DL, maybe you may ask that they add "tous les jours/everyday", so that it is definitely clarified. What think?


Thanks! You consistently offer the best explanations, so I especially appreciate your insights. Sometimes I wonder what DL is trying to teach us. I know the end goal is to translate web pages, but I don't have a grasp of the method and order we are following on DL. I don't have a grasp of the different labels (especially all the different past tenses), so it is difficult to explain myself. It's a work in progress!


I'm happy to contribute! If I don't understand your questions, be sure I'll be back asking for details...


I'm getting that feeling about quite a number of these examples.


Me too. These don't really work at all. Technically this is: "last week I was seeing my husband's aunt". Awkward.


Also, it could read "tante" or "tente", since both words are feminine and pronounced the same.


I wrote that as well


Je voyais means I was seeing not I saw.


you are right.


Thank you for your guidance. You are really helpful.


Yeah, it's been really bothering me that DL seems to think passe compose and imparfait are interchangeable.


"The previous week, I was seeing the aunt of my husband" is wrong "The previous week, I saw the aunt of my husband" is wrong



"the previous week" = la semaine précédente (ie not last week = la semaine dernière)

"the aunt of my husband" is generally shortened to the genitive 's form: "my husband's aunt" .

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