"The woman and the man move back to beside the river."

Translation:A nő és a férfi visszaköltöznek a folyó mellé.

July 31, 2016

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Wait wait wait. Up to here I think we always had a singular verb when there were multiple singular subjects. Should it be visszaköltözik? Should it be "Az ágyon két párna és egy takaró vannak" at a different place instead?
Has my life been a lie? D:


Beside the river, really??? Has any of you ever heard this before?


More times than I care to admit...



Im hungarian. For RyagonIV i think the answer is : if you use more subject take the verb plural but if you use more objects take the verb singular. I dont know why...:)


Heyo, thank you for your reply. :)

I also have learned a lot during the past months and can say that Hungarian doesn't really care there. Some say it sounds better with singular conjugation, but plural isn't wrong either. :P


Why not folyóhoz mellet (excuse wrong accent marks)?


Oh, no no. You cannot combine rag-suffixes and postpositions like that, because they take the same grammitical role. That would only end up in comfusion. Either "a folyóhoz" - to the river; or "a folyó mellé" - (to) beside the river. "A folyó mellett" would have them moving along the river.

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