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"Vendredi je parlais avec les professeurs de mon fils."

Translation:Friday I spoke with my son's professors.

February 2, 2013



couldn't this be my son's professors? We don't know if the son is in elementary school, high school or college.


when hearing, how can i differentiate between les professeurs and le professeur? thanks!


Apparently "les" is pronounced /le/ and "le" is pronounced /lɵ̞/ but I find it very difficult to distinguish too! Usually in a real life situation you could work it out from the context.


Could it be "Friday I spoke with the teachers about my son?"


Don't quote me on this, but possibly it would be more "Vendredi, je parlais de mon fils avec les professeurs"? Also, interesting interpretation of the phrase- I hadn't thought of that!


To me starting this sentence with just "Friday" is so informal as to be incorrect. I typed "On Friday I spoke with my son's teachers" and was marked as incorrect for starting with "On".

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