"In my country there is no work for me."

Translation:W moim kraju nie ma dla mnie pracy.

July 31, 2016

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Can you say : w moim kraju dla mnie nie ma pracy ? It was not accepted.


It's not wrong, but you put 'dla mnie' in a rather unusual place, I don't really know if it's worth accepting.


W tym kraju nie ma pracy dla ludzi z moim wykształceniem!


lessons are full of negative, searching for cheap hostels, no work on the country...


Would it be the same to say "W moin kraju nie ma pracy dla mnie." ?


The default versions sounds better to me, but yours is fine (apart from the typo in 'moim') and accepted.


Also putting 'dla mnie' at the end isn't that great, gives additional emphasis on 'for me'.


Wow at this sentence...just wow.


Nie ma dla mnie pracy w moim kraju should be fine as well

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    what about "nia ma pracy dla mnie w mojim kraju" ?


    I don't particularly love this word order, but I can't say that there's anything wrong about it... added.

    Added without typos, I mean. It's "Nie ma pracy dla mnie w moim kraju".


    What case is kraju?


    As generally with "w" = "in/inside", it's Locative.


    Dla mnie nie ma pracy w moim kraju


    Why is "dla mnie nie ma" wrong?


    Could you use dative here, when you are negating the object that the recipient could get? So, I mean instead of "dla mnie" could it be "mi"?


    W moim kraju dla mnie nie ma pracuje _why is this wrong?


    "pracuje" is a verb... it looks as if your autocorrect suggested you the wrong word.

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    "W moim państwie nie ma dla mnie pracy"

    I know, it sounds a little weird but why "państwie" is not accepted ?


    OK, added "państwie".


    Why the use of "closed space - w + Locative" for "my country"? Surely that is an open space. Is it one of the exceptions described in the tips section?


    I wouldn't call this an exception because the vast majority of geographical and administrative terms are preceded by the preposition 'w'.

    w stolicy - in the capital
    w Warszawie - in Warsaw
    w dzielnicy - in the district
    w mieście - in the city
    w regionie - in the region
    w kraju - in the country
    w województwie - in the voivodeship
    w gminie - in the municipality / commune
    w Europie - in Europe

    The exceptions are historical regions that nowadays have unofficial status and may or may not correspond to present-day voivevodships:

    na Podlasiu - in the Podlasie region
    na Podkarpaciu - in the Podkarpacie region
    na Opolszczyźnie - in the Opole region
    na Lubelszczyźnie - in the Lubelszczyzna region
    na Śląsku - in Silesia
    na Kaszubach - in the Kaszuby region
    na Mazurach - in the Masuria region

    Also, modern-day countries that were historically (partially) part of the Polish-Lithuanian-Commonwealth:

    na Ukrainie - in Ukraine
    na Białorusi - in Belarus
    na Litwie - in Lithuania
    na Łotwie - in Latvia
    na Węgrzech - in Hungary
    na Słowacji - in Slovakia

    Also, countries that are located on islands whose names are synonymous with the name of the state:

    na Malcie - in Malta
    na Cyprze - In Cyprus
    na Wyspach Owczych - on the Faroe Islands
    na Kubie - in Cuba


    I wonder, why is this word order wrong: dla mnie nie ma?


    I don't think it's the most natural word order, but it's probably okay to accept it. Added now.


    Dziękuję! So, it's not quite natural word order. Saved in notes.

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