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"Ширина реки здесь - около километра."

Translation:The width of the river here is about a kilometer.

August 1, 2016



It rejected "the river is about a kilometer wide here", which is a natural English sentence, and I reported it.

Unless I'm wrong, and in that case someone please correct me.

March 28, 2018


рекИ, not рЕки

October 30, 2018


рЕки -plural of река(river). рекИ - Genitive of река.

November 4, 2018


"Ширина реки здесь - около километров " was marked wrong for me.

August 1, 2016


Километров is plural, it should be километра.

August 1, 2016


Can I say: "... is near a kilometer"? Thank you

September 1, 2018


ширина реки здесь около километр I wrote the above sentence, and was given a pass with the words, "You have a typo" It's not a typo. Please DL--alert us to EVERY mistake. Thanks

December 3, 2018


It is a typo: not километр and километра ( кого? чего? - Genitive)

December 3, 2018


What I mean is that I was unsure on how to end the word. I want DL to call out every error. It's just like when I am correcting my students' work--how do I know which mistakes are careless errors (or typos) and which mistakes represent lack of knowledge?

This isn't a great problem now that I am not trying to go really quickly--I take time to read the comments even if my solution received a green pass.

December 3, 2018


почему именно the width...? и почему не подходит просто the wide..., в некоторых упражнениях ширину именно wide называли

April 4, 2019
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