"Nie znam takich ludzi."

Translation:I do not know such people.

August 1, 2016

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RU: Nie znajem takich liudiej. "We don't know such people."

Nie znaju takich liudiej. "I don't know such people."


I think "I dont know these types of people" should work for this as well.


I have to agree with @meshell about the English. It would be slightly more common to say "I don't know those types of people," than "...such people," although the two phrases mean the same thing.


Really? Well, after a second thought, maybe it won't hurt... added.

By the way, if "these types of people" is supposed to work, then "this type of people" as well.


We'd say "that type of person" in the singular.


Well, I thought about a situation when you have 'one type' (shy, let's say) of people (I do not know any shy people)?


This is quite far grammatically from the original sentence.


Can anyone please put this Polish sentence into a context for me? What is the difference between saying in Polish 'I do not know such people' and 'I do not know these people'. In English 'I do not know such people' would suggest that one has disdain for 'such people', in other words it would express some negativity.


It is more like, "I don't know these type or category of people." It could be a negative or disdainful but not necessarily. For example Nie znam takich ludzi, "I don't know such people who..."[work on PVC plastic pipes] or [go to church every Sunday]


It does sound sort of archaic in English, but it's perfectly fine to use. We would normally use something more colloquial, such as "I don't know this kind/sort of person".


"I am not well versed in such matters."

"I am not familiar with such things."

"I do not associate with such people."

All commonly used phrases.


Why reject don't rather than do not


'don't' should always be accepted automatically, so it must have been a bug.


"I don't know any people like that" sounds best to me in English.


"Any" was missing from the list of accepted answers. Added now.

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