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  5. "Boję się dzikich zwierząt."

"Boję się dzikich zwierząt."

Translation:I am afraid of wild animals.

August 1, 2016



Thanks to our russian friend who posted english thinking explanation of your cases. More please, very helpful. u never know which question to ask.. kogo, co, etc. I'm afraid OF wild animals


Very nice of you. Thank you! It's my pleasure


RU: Bojus' dikich zwieriej.


I posted it as such and it was not accepted. To err is human, to foul things up takes a computer. I switched to ten as urged to by Dell and wound up purchasing anew computer as it locked me out of the one had, missed my lessons, almost addictive, love it.


Wouldn't , I fear wild animals also work


Yes, it's also correct. But to be afraid "of wild animals" is more analogous to the Polish structure, in which dzikich zwierząt is in the genitive case, whose equivalent in English are words after "of."


It does work already.


I cannot hear the się


Is 'boję się' closer to 'I am terrified' than 'I am afraid'? I remember that in an an earlier lesson, 'Boję się' was used in the context of being terrified for someone (as in genuinely worried for their safety?)


I think it's closer to "I am afraid", "I am terrified" makes me think of "przeraża(ją) mnie" (works like "X terrifies me", not "I am terrified of X").

I think that 'genuinely worried' context is also closer to "I am afraid" than "terrified"... but it surely works for "boję się".


I thought I'd also mention the verb on the less frightening side of the spectrum (thus closer to 'I am worried'), it's obawiam się.

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