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"חמישים ושלוש נשים קוראות את אותו הספר."

Translation:Fifty three women are reading the same book.

August 1, 2016



chamishím ve-shalósh nashím kor'ót et otó ha-séfer.


... אותו הספר ...


Why not read instead of reading?


Fifty three women read the same book.

That's right if they read them every day or if it is universal rule and so on, but in any case it is not mistake, it is only the problem of specific connotation.

But take it easily - the creators of duolingo are only people and may have your own view on fifty women. Lucky men. They saw them all reading and it was miracle not usual thing. Be lucky too.


Do we use אותו when the same things are feminine or plural?


The word for "the same" goes before the noun but after prepositions, the following noun has to have def. art., and the word changes for gender & number: אותו (masc sg), אותן, אותם, אותה. E.g., הוא אוכל את אותן העוגיות, "he eats the same cookies.

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