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  5. "Otwórz mi butelkę wina."

"Otwórz mi butelkę wina."

Translation:Open the bottle of wine for me.

August 1, 2016



wino= wine, (masculine not animated, genitive wina)

wina= fault (feminine, genitive winy, instrumental winą)

bottle of = butelka + noun in genitive


RU: Otkroj mnie butylku wina.


why is here genitiv?


it is the way we describe amount of something. butelka wody (bottle of water), szklanka herbaty(a glass of tea), litr mleka (a litre of milk), kromka chleba ( a slice of bread). kilo(gram) truskawek (a kilogram of strawberries.


Could someone explain why it's not otwieraj? I thought 'otworzyć' was perfective? Don't we use imperfective to form the imperative?


But you want one bottle succesfully opened, so it's perfective. That should usually be a quick action, so imperfective 'otwieraj' would feel quite strange.

"Otwieraj!" may be used when you tell someone to open the door, but that sounds rather rude, unless you have a very good reason to 'command' someone in such a way. For example if you're being chased by a dog. Okay, I guess it may also work with a bottle, but again, that seems as if you're in a hurry. Also, it would feel strange to me with this "mi" part. If I hear "Otwieraj butelkę!" it sounds like "Dude, hurry up, let's start drinking finally".


That's a good question. If it's any similar to Russian, then the imperfective is more immediate or urgent, but either the imperfective or perfective can be used. For example, otkroj butylku means "open the bottle" in general; otkrywaj butylku means the same thing but it's a stronger command than the former, meaning "open it now"


"Dude, hurry up, let's start drinking already" :-D Hahaha! Exactly! Otwieraj! Otkrywaj!


Why not "Open my bottle of wine"


"mi" here doesn't mean "my", it doesn't have to be my bottle of wine at all. It's "for me". But the bottle can easily be 'ours' - in general, just "a bottle".


That would be Otwórz moją butelkę wina.

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can you put dla mi?


It would have to be dla mnie, but that's the genitive case. The dative case short form mi corresponds to the long form mnie also but the short form of the genitive mnie would be mię. And the accusative case also matches the genitive mnie/mię.


Well, that is correct, but "mię" is dated/poetic nowadays, you're not likely to hear it in use.


I put "Open for me the bottle of wine". It sounds all right to me but was marked wrong. Please let me know your view?


We aren't persuaded that it's really all right...

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