"The radio of the guards is heavy."

Translation:Az őröknek nehéz a rádiójuk.

August 1, 2016

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Can I double-check that Az őrök rádiója nehéz is OK here?


It should definitely be accepted.


Not only OK but much better! Although both are correct.


Thank you both. It seemed so simple that I wondered if I was missing something obvious.


Basically, there is the complicated way and there is the simple way:

"Az őrökNEK A rádiója", or: "Az őrök rádiója".
"A házNAK A bejárata", or: "A ház bejárata".

You simply drop the "-nak a"/"-nek a" part. There are some rules here but that takes too much thinking. But here's one sentence where you can't just drop it:

"Ennek a háznak a bejárata."

At least you can't drop it from just the noun:

"Ennek a háznak a bejárata" - correct
"Ennek a ház bejárata" - INCORRECT
"E ház bejárata" - correct
"E háznak a bejárata" - correct

Oh, and one more point.... You can do the dropping because it is still obvious what is going on. A possessor-possessed relationship, the two words stand together and the possessed retains its suffix. But in the sentence above, "Az őröknek nehéz a rádiójuk", the formation is broken up and another word ("nehéz") is inserted in-between. So you must keep the suffix, otherwise the meaning is lost.

"Az őrökNEK nehéz A rádiójuk" - even the possessed suffix "-juk" is in the plural. You cannot drop the "NEK A" part.
"Az őrökNEK A rádiója nehéz" - the construction is back together again, the possessed singular "-ja" is sufficient. And, of course, the "NEK A" thingy can also be dropped:
"Az őrök rádiója nehéz".


"Az őröknek a rádiójuk nehéz" should be fine too although I used the "complicated" possessive structure and then did not split it up?


No, that is not accepted. In that case it should be "Az őröknek a rádiója nehéz".


It says the answers are: Az őrök rádiója nehéz. Az őröknek nehéz a rádiójuk

Why is it rádiója in the first but rádiójuk in the second? In both cases it belongs to multiple people.


When I enter the translation as shown above the system tells me it’s wrong and az orok radioja nehez is correct but when I enter that the system tells me the translation above is correct. Are you deliberately trying to torture your students or is it just your usual stuff up?

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