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Using duolingo without audio.

Is there any way to do this? A large part of the potential appeal of this site to me was being able to run through things during downtime at work. Unfortunately, I don't have sound here, so I can't progress at all as I end up failing because of skipping.

I hope there's a way around this?

February 28, 2012



Instead of skipping, just go to settings and turn off the microphone. Automatically, you won't get any reply type questions.



Unfortunately they can't be skipped to be done later... doing so loses a heart and makes the owl sad.

The only thing I can do is translate the web... but I do want to do the formal lessons, too.


This is an obvious accessibility problem and may be one of the reasons why Duolingo is still in beta.


I don't think it's possible right now to learn new lessons without sound, but you might translate sentences during downtime.


top right corner -> settings -> set microphone and voice autoplay to off


@abemore: That's wrong. That way you can switch off the autoplay, but you will still get the dictation questions which you can't do without sound. The only difference is that with this setting the sound does not try to play automatically but waits for you to click the loudspeaker icon.

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