"Zsuzsa egy jó könyvet keres és nem talál."

Translation:Zsuzsa is looking for a good book and she cannot find any.

August 1, 2016

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Would another possible translation be "Zsuzsa is looking for a good book and she can't find one"? It seems like the "any" or the "one" is just implied.


Yes, that's a good translation as well.


I think it's bizarre because in English the sentence clearly represents a contrast, so naturally, or at least that's what i think, there should be "but" instead of the "and"

Can i thus figure that the "és" in Hungarian is somehow just a sort of coordinate conjunction and can be used if the two parts are positive, negative or even both?


No. The conjunction és really is a close equivalent in English and Hungarian. "Looks and doesn't find" is an acceptable idea and a normal construction in English.


is it necessary to use some word after "find"? (like "any", "one" or "it")


Yes, find has to have an object.


and could it be the word "it" in this sentence?


I think not, for the reason JimLeonard0 gave above. (“It” would mean she can’t find a particular book, and then the definite conjugation would have been used for talál.)


I think "any" is the wrong word, as it is better used when trying to find good books (plural). For one book egy könyvet, can't find "one" is better.


the answer is Zsuzsa is looking for a good book and she cannot find one. OR Zsuzsa is looking for good bookS and she cannot find any.


I put and cannot find it but it was rejected. They just seem to want and cannot find so I will try that


the word talál is indefinite conjugation which means that Zsuzsa is looking for any good book, and can't find any. If Zsuzsa is looking for a specific book, then you would use the definite form találja.


"Zsuzsa is looking for a good book and cannot find any." should be a correct translation of the sentence. "she" is not necessary.

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    Is it the case that the 'a' here is descriptive, rather than implying 'one' book, which is why Zsuzsa cannot find 'any'?


    They have put the number one 1 instead of the word one. I don't think we would do that in English except for perhaps texting someone


    Word bank does not have 'good'... which makes the correct answer impossible.


    zsuzsa is looking for a good book and does not find it Why is this answer not correct?


    I advise you to read other comments as well, this has been asked twice - the conjugation rules out the possibility, talking about a definite object would require találja. (And actually I feel this word order would be a bit weird if we think of "a good book" as a certain unnamed book that happens to be good... but that may be just me.)


    FYI it marked my answer right but said I missed a space in 'cannot' which 1. I used cannot from the word bank and 2. I believe cannot or can not should be fine


    Is zsuzsa a girl?


    Zsuzsa is a girl's or woman's name in Hungarian.

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