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  5. "Insomma, è un vero mestiere."

"Insomma, è un vero mestiere."

Translation:Well, it is a real job.

February 2, 2013



It is also somewhat annoying that both real and true are given as translations for vero, but only real is accepted. I wish the translations in the drop down translation box were all valid as answers (except, of course, where the word is sometimes a verb and sometimes a noun, in which case context should make the choice clear).


True is now accepted as well.


Very annoying that "profession" was not accepted.


"profession" is accepted now. I a more confused, though, by the possibilities for "insomma".


My guess is that 'insomma' might translate better as 'in fact.'


Looking at my Italian dictionary I get insomma to be "well" or "in short" as the adverbial translation (with "for heaven's sake!" as an exclamation! - nice one to remember that! - you can just see the Italian hands raised to the heavens while saying this!)

"In fact" is translated as infatti or difatti.


In Portuguese - I'm Brasilian -we have "em suma" with the meaning of "all told', "when all is said", "in short".


I chose the translation, In a word, it is a real job.

The hint "in a word" is shown, and I chose that. The thing was that I didn't know if I would personally, say, "In short, it is a real job."

I agree that the checker should not be so picky. It really makes this frustrating, when trying to move along.


It is interesting that "insomma" remembers "summa", i.e., "synthesis"...


People said that it comes from "in somma" ---> summarizing


Mnemonic (although you can't use it as the translation): insomma / in summary -> in short


One other thought...could it also be translated as "In short, it is a true craft"?


Why does it not accept craft?


....... well, am i the only one who didn't get thet difference between "lavoro" and "mestiere"?

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