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  5. "הסם הזה מנמיך את לחץ הדם."

"הסם הזה מנמיך את לחץ הדם."

Translation:This drug lowers the blood pressure.

August 1, 2016



Shouldn't This drug reduces the blood pressure be accepted too?


Shouldn't 'This medicine lowers the blood pressure' be accepted too ?


The Hebrew סם refers to a non-medicinal drug. Medicinal drug is תרופה.


There is סם רפואי tho, which declares a drug medical. Anyway, I think when the context is medical, one can infer סם refers to a medicine, however expresses the meaning of a strong drug for pain-killing, anesthesia, and the like - not a medicine. Otherwise, סם refers to cocaine/hero.


It is fairly rare in this use. Actually the only way I would think a sentence like that will be said in a real situation is an autopsy of an ODed person.

In medical use a doctor would say התרופה הזאת מנמיכה את לחץ הדם.

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