"A magas fákon piros madarak énekelnek."

Translation:Red birds are singing in the tall trees.

August 1, 2016

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Whats the point of having -ban, -ben suffixes for "in" if we use -on here ? I am confused.


It is a difference between how English and Hungarian relate to trees. English people are "IN" the tree whereas Hungarians are "ON" the tree. So that is what you see reflected here. Not a literal translation.


However, the birds sit ON a branch, don't they? :)


Let us hope so. :) (yes)


wouldn't "in the trees" be translated as "a fákban"?


No, see the comments above


Only if the birds are literally inside the trunks of the trees.


Is there a rule for determining which nouns require the "in" suffix and which require the "on" suffix?


What about "There are red birds singing on the tall trees"? Does it make sense when translated?


Isn't it possible to use ˝long˝ for magas in case we are talking about a tree? Does it have to be only tall or high? Thanks.


In English, 'long' would not be used and 'high' only rarely, if at all. The normal word is 'tall'.


Please explain why we need "the" trees here. Is this an area with mixed height trees and the birds are only on the tall ones?


Hi Zsuzsi.
(1) The English sentence with "the" in it is a perfectly normal and idiomatic sentence.
(2) The original Hungarian sentence has 'a' in it, which is almost always translated as 'the'.
(3) It is also possible to write the Hungarian sentence without using 'a', if that was what was intended.
(4) The Hungarian sentence here is an isolated sentence in a learning exercise. There is no further 'context' to which to appeal when translating it.

I hope this answers your question.


It is perfectly correct in English to say, "In the tall trees, red birds are signing" but this is marked, frustratingly, incorrect - as are multiple other similar sentences.


signing -> singing


why tall and not high?


A "tall" tree is further from the ground than average. A "high" tree is further from the centre of the earth eg up a mountain. You can have a high tree than is very short - actually it is common that trees at high altitude are shorter than normal.

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