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  5. "העלים האדמדמים נופלים לאדמה."

"העלים האדמדמים נופלים לאדמה."

Translation:The reddish leaves are falling to the ground.

August 1, 2016



Since עָלים starts with a Kamatz, its definite article should be in a Segol: הֶעָלים, whereas the audio says הָעָלים.


Because הֶ is only used by TV news presenters these days (and Nir or Aire mentioned that it's not being taught on this course on FB)


The pronunciation of הָעָלים sounds somewhat wrong. I guess the Hebrew course here aims to teach posh Hebrew, not the low street language, right? otherwise zillion more answers should have been accepted on the course.


I'm kind of with you. I learned grammar first as that's my strength. Since I've become more competent I've had to unlearn quite a few rules (and words) though obviously if you want to attain fluency you'll need to recognise them.

I think this course aims to hit the middle ground, inbetween posh and the street. I was surprised to see future, female conjugations here as they are very rare. It gets trickier when some conjunctions are relegated to 've' when others remain the proper 'oo'. I guess the 'oo's are there because they are part of old recognised phrases


Exactly! I used to be a grammar nazi but I quit. I only thought I should mention it here since I've been through the course, and saw that it does work on professional aspects, as you mentioned with future female conjugations. Today when I'm in the street or with friends, I deliberately say תביא שלוש שקל, and השעה אֶחד עשרה וְחמישה, הגענו לקומה אחד, סגור את הדלת הזה lol it's unfortunately became part of the language de facto. Of course it all depends where and whom I'm talking to. And thanks for the sympathy!


It's like playing a complex game where the rules change the more advanced you think you're getting!!! You must know it better than me as Hebrew is the only other language I'm advanced at! (My German and French is a distant schoolboy memory alas...). Your examples are pretty pertinent as it took me years to get numbers as I heard so many variations of 'correct' and incorrect, sometimes in the same sentence. Oi...


So are you a native Hebrew speaker?


Ha'alim ha'adamdamim noflim la'adama.


Why is it that the word 'leaves' is missing from the words section only to be replaced by 'stresses'?

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