"The children sit out into the garden under the tree and play."

Translation:A gyerekek kiülnek a kertbe a fa alá és játszanak.

August 1, 2016



incorrect english

August 1, 2016


Then offer an alternative...

August 12, 2016


Kiül includes two actions, going outside into the garden and then sitting down. If not incorrect the above translation is clumsy and unnatural. Kind regards to all. TedJ

August 13, 2016


...an alternative...

------- the children sit in the garden under the tree, and play . . .

the garden is already outside, so that takes care of "out" . english-speakers don't "sit into ", they sit in or on or under , even over. sitting in covers moving into the garden to sit, as well as just sitting there . . .

Big 25 dec 17

December 26, 2017
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