"Odamegyünk az asztalhoz és leülünk egy székre."

Translation:We go there to the table and we sit down on a chair.

August 1, 2016

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Semantic question: would you strictly interpret this sentence as multiple people sitting down on one chair (like it is in English) or is this a one-chair-for-each case?


I believe this is one chair per each person. This should ordinarily be said in English as "and sit down on chairs", but I don't think it's too bad as it is.


We go over to the table and sit down on a chair. - was marked wrong. Does it not sound better? I translated it with one chair, but normally I would translate it with chairs. But here, I am always confused, because I don't know what is expected. Anyway the results are marked wrong. :-)


It does sound much better. :)


It is again marked wrong, after a month.


Could "there" be replaced by "over" in the English translation?


Of course. :)


If the idea is that people are sitting on individual chairs, the English would be "sit down on chairs". If everyone sits on one piece of furniture, it is called a seat.


This is very interesting. How would you then translate it? With: "...... And sit down on a seat or take a seat?" In German it is the same like in Hungarian.


Down is unnecessary. To sit on a chair it almost always down. You may sit up on a bar stool or sit up (straighten your posture). The act of sitting is generally down and implied


Harold, the "down" is usually added to distinguish moving your butt onto the surface from staying on that surface.

  • A székre ülök. - I am sitting down on the chair.
  • A széken ülök. - I am sitting on the chair.


I've seen this issue about more than one person sitting on a single chair a few times. I have a question. In Hungarian, it is possible to have a number of people wearing coats without using the plural of coat. The sentence is crafted in such a way that it's obvious that everyone has a coat. We see this quite often in other contexts too so that, as soon as you say there are 5 of something or a lot of something, the singular is used for whatever the something is. Are we seeing something similar here? We sit on a chair can be said in English as well in the sense of, this is something that we do, but this introduces a different aspect.


If the Hungarian was "leülünk székekre" then each of us would be sitting on multiple chairs.


We go over to the table should be accepted.


"We go up to the table and sit down on the chair". This was marked wrong, but seems more natural in English than 'we go there to the table'.


Yes, "go up to the table" OR "go over to the table", but "go there" is not natural in English.

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