"Melyik épületbe futnak azok a brazil gyerekek?"

Translation:Which building are those Brazilian children running into?

August 1, 2016

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What a speed.......... and it sounds like befutnak! I cannot listen as fast, as the voice speaks.


I thought it was befutnak, too. I had to think about why the "be" belonged at the end of "épület" instead. (Although oddly, it didn't reject my translation. It seemed to view it as a spelling error.)


I think that because it is a question, if it was befutnak it would be, futnak be, So you are supposed to work out that the, be, must go with the épület.


I like the adjectives.

[deactivated user]

    I am sure she could talk faster if she REALLY tried. Surely the course designers did not mean for the delivery to be that fast. By the way correct English is "Into which..."


    And if correct English is "into which" then the previous sentence "to which sea" etc. should be correct as well. There is no continuity. Why are we suddenly ending sentences with a preposition. This calls for a teacher work day!


    Can this same question also apply to: Which building are those...running in. Perhaps they are already in the building and running around inside. How would the question be phrased in Hungarian? They could be running into it or in it in the other instance.


    Why not WHAT building?

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