"The politician is not talking to the English, but to the Brazilians."

Translation:Nem az angolokhoz beszél a politikus, hanem a brazilokhoz.

August 1, 2016

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why is "a politikus nem az angolokhoz beszél, hanem a brazilokhoz" wrong?


Given the state of alternative translations in the course, I think that often the first question should be "Is '...' wrong?" (i.e. it's quite possible that it's not wrong at all) and not "Why is '...' wrong?" (assuming that a rejection is justified).

Your translation looks quite reasonable to me, but I'm just a learner as well.


Is "Nem az angolokhoz a politikus beszél, hanem a brazilokhoz." incorrect?


Yes, a little bit. The subject somehow needs to be kept outside the "Nem az angolokhoz beszél" group of words. Those words are all referring to the verb, not directly to the subject. So you can't insert the subject right in the middle. I'm sure it sounds equally weird if you try the same in English.

But you could put the "politikus" to some other locations.
"A politikus nem az angolokhoz beszél, hanem a brazilokhoz."
"Nem az angolokhoz, hanem a brazilokhoz beszél a politikus."

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