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  5. "אַל תאמרו לי שהוא בורח!"

"אַל תאמרו לי שהוא בורח!"

Translation:Do not tell me he is escaping!

August 1, 2016



The English translation here should be in the present continuous, not the simple present (i.e. 'don't tell me he is escaping' instead of '...he escapes')


I agree with Vera. In English, the simple present tense "he escapes" is almost exclusively used for habitual actions that happen repeatedly, though not necessarily at the moment of speaking. (It would be used to describe a Houdini wannabe, or a dog that keeps getting out of the yard.) For an action that is actially happening now, we use present progressive "he is escaping."


They are both equally used in my opinion


Why are we using לומר when להגיד is the norm?


Both להגיד and לומר are equally good in future/imperative/infinitive. "אל תגידו לי" = "אל תאמרו לי". Maybe in future tense להגיד is a bit more common, but לומר is very much in use as well.


Other way around surely? tagid li, never tomar li. I'm not complaining as I want to learn old and stuffy hebrew as much as I want to learn slang...


It's not at all old and stuffy to use תאמר.


I agreed with you that תגיד is more common in future tense, all I'm saying is that תאמר is also used.


How did they say it in Caddyshack, Israeli edition?

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