"Dziesięć i siedem to siedemnaście."

Translation:Ten and seven is seventeen.

August 1, 2016

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The sentence "Dziesięć i siedem to siedemnaście" does not sound right in Polish.

Dziesięć dodać/plus siedem równa się siedemnaście - (The sum of) Ten and seven
is seventeen/ Ten (cookies) and/plus seven (cookies) are seventeen (cookies)

You can say in Polish:
Dziesięć i siedem to (są dwie) liczby/(są dwa) numery/numerki (w kolejce)/(dwa) rozmiary (butów)/ Dziesięć i siedem (dwiema) liczbami/(dwoma) rozmiarami (butów) - Ten and seven are (two) numbers/ Ten and seven are two (shoe) sizes


It does sound colloquial at best, I guess. But that's what the course creators put in the course and they didn't introduce such words as "plus", "dodać" or "równa się"...


Could plus be used instead of and?


Yes. Added for both English and Polish sentences.

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