"Down ni"

Translation:We will come

August 1, 2016

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The audio pronounces this as though it were spelt "Dawn". I assume the correct pronunciation should rhyme with the English word "loan", rather than with "frown".

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The 'ow' is a dipthong with the same sound as the 'ow' in frown in English.


I know that this discussion is a year old, but I'm confused. You say it should rhyme with "frown" in English, but the YouTube videos that ibisc points us to (for both North and South pronunciations) say, as does ibisc him/herself, it should rhyme with "thrown" in English.


It should rhyme with 'own/thrown', not 'frown/brown'.


If you look under the 'Popular' discussions, there is a sticky called 'Pronunciation / Ynganu' which has a link to some very good videos on Youtube. One of those videos specifically covers the pairs of vowels, including ow.

It is pretty close to the 'ow-' in the standard British English 'owning'. Watch the series of videos, though.


Thanks, both. Elsewhere in the course (in the "Colours" unit, "brown" (Welsh) is very much not pronounced like its English equivalent, but rather to rhyme with "loan" or "own", which is also borne out by the YouTube video. Hence my contention that the 1st person plural, future tense of "dod" should also rhyme with these words, not with "frown".

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