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"Tôi nhận ra tôi không yêu anh ấy."

Translation:I realize I do not love him.

August 1, 2016



Owl, your love story is killing me!


First syllable comes from 認 ‘recognise, accept, admit’

  • Mandarin: rèn
  • Cantonese: jan6
  • Hakka: ngin


While I realize "discovers" wouldn't fit here, would that not be an acceptable meaning for nhan ra?


"Discover" is usually translated to "khám phá ra". It is more like "find out" than "realize". "Tôi khám phá ra bí mật của anh ấy".


In the previous lesson we had the word là to mean "that", even though the word "that" is usually implied. (The singer affirms that I sing better than her could also be The singer affirms I sing better than her.) In this lesson that could also be implied.
Does that mean that this sentence could also read Tôi nhận ra là tôi không yêu anh ấy? If not, why not?

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