"It was our common choice."

Translation:To był nasz wspólny wybór.

August 1, 2016

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Why is it "to był" instead of "to było"? Is it because wybór is masculine?


Yes, exactly. Even though 'to' is neuter, it's just a dummy pronoun which doesn't affect the gender of the verb.


I used the word decision (decyzja) instead, would it not be counted as having the same meaning?


Well, they sometimes can have the same meaning, but I think that's a bit too much of an overinterpretation.


"To nasza wspólna decyzja" Would also be correct, why isn't it? Mind me, I'm native Polish taking this test out of curiosity.


"was" is past tense, so you need to have był in Polish


'Współ-' is commonly encountered, but here we find 'wspól'. Why does the 'l' have no bar?

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In Polish, there exist both words starting with "współ-" and some starting with "wspól-" - all of them mean something referring to "common".

The difference is that "współ-" is just a prefix (like English “co-") added to words that also have a meaning on their own ("współautor" = co-author, "współwłaściciel" = co-owner); there are many such words in Polish. There are also just a few words that have the adverbial prefix "wspólno-" (meaning “commonly-“).

The rest of words starting with "wspól-" are words that all seem to be derived from the noun "wspólnota" (unity, community) - there are not many such words, in a large dictionary containing over 455000 Polish words I found just 15 of them.

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