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" ấy ăn ăn liền với rau, nấm ớt."

Translation:She eats instant noodles with vegetables, mushroom and chili.

August 1, 2016



I am hearing rau pronounced like sau. Does that have to do with the word before it.


That's just how words starting with r are pronounced (in the North at least, where the speaker is from)


In the North I thought rau was pronounced zau


No. I don't think so. Generally the north people usually say "zau/z+(r)+au" And in the south usually say "rau" i haven't hear "sau"


Cô ấy ăn mì vịt tiềm với rau, nấm và ớt.


Rau = Zau (north) / Rau (south)

But i hear that the pronounce it just like sau ...

I think it is wrong


"She eats instant noodles with vegetables, mushrooms, and pepper" should be accepted


Pepper is hạt tiều or hồ tiêu - Piper Nigrum.

Chilli pepper is ớt - capsicum family. In my experience living here, when they say ớt as an addition to other food, they almost always mean the spicy seeds of the capsicum fruit.

The VN wiki page about ớt says this about bell peppers:

"Ớt Đà Lạt, còn gọi là ớt tây hay ớt chuông"

From my understanding, this basically calls them three things:

Capsicum from Đà Lạt, Capsicum from the West, Bell-shaped capsicum.

When you go to a vegetable market stall and they sell bell peppers and chilli powder/seeds, if you say "ớt" you will get the chilli. You need to specify every time you are referring to the less common/popular/obvious thing. (This is a very important factor in speaking Vietnamese.)

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