"What century is it?"

Translation:Który mamy wiek?

August 1, 2016

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Is this mamy as in we have? Is that just how they say it?


Yes. As for more probable phrases than the one with "century", "Jaki mamy miesiąc?" or "Jaki mamy rok?" More literal translations work as well without any problems.


Która mamy godzina?


As in the other discussion, "Którą mamy godzinę?", but I don't think it can work with a unit of time smaller than a day.


Why do we use "Który" to ask about the century (as given by Duo in this lesson), and "Jaki" for months and years (as in the examples you provided)? Or maybe, are they interchangeable in these cases?


Also for the time (hour and minutes) "Która" seems to be used: "Która godzina?" No idea why.


"Która godzina?" is a fixed phrase. If you add "jest", I guess then "Jaka jest godzina?" is possible, although uncommon.

As for this particular sentence here, I guess "jaki mamy wiek?" makes sense as well, although in the history of mankind there are not that many centuries to choose from, it's a closed set of potential answers.

I'll change the main English translation here to say "which".


Thank you for that explanation


When you wake up from a fat nap


When we are asked to translate “what” into polish it is using “Ktory” but I thought this translation was which? And “co” was what? Confused .com smiles


What has we have got to do with this sentence? I'm confused :-(


The Polish phrase literally means "Which century have we got (do we have)?" which of course doesn't make a lot of sense in English. The hints are not always applicable, especially when no direct translations exist.


That's quite interesting because in English (with reference to time) we often say/ask 'what time do we have'? Just an observation.


"Jaki dzień tygodnia?"

Is it correct? Can I skip "mamy"?


Not in a real question. It sounds as if someone mentioned some day of the week and you didn't hear it, so you ask "What day?!"


That sounds like a question asking for the definition of "century". And I guess it should use a verb: Co to jest "wiek"?

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