"In the park there are families eating and drinking."

Translation:בפארק יש משפחות, אוכלות ושותות.

August 1, 2016

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Eating and drinking is a dependent clause that modifies "families". Should (can? must?) there be a ש before אוכלות ושותות?


Why is "יש בפארק" considered wrong? It seems correct to me.


The same issue has come up in (many) other sentences, with "yesh b'(subject)" or "yesh l'(subject)" being rejected in favor of "b'(subject) yesh" or "l'(subject) yesh". I remember being told by native commenters that both are correct, but I don't remember whether "b'(subject) yesh" is considered preferable by natives, or whether they're interchangeable. In any case, putting the "yesh" second is evidently preferred by the moderators.


well, if both are considered correct, then the system should allow both kinds of responses instead of confusing us about what Hebrew grammar is.


Sentence one: "בפארק יש משפחות אוכלות ושותות", sentence two: "בפארק יש משפחות, אוכלות ושותות"

I guess both are gramatically valid?

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